Target groups

  • The deaf people, who will get first ever chance of real vocational and practical preparation to work in the profession they are theoretically educated for in their schools.
  • The employers of the HORECA sector, who will get practical teaching materials which on one hand will increase the level of their and their employees’ knowledge about cooperation with a deaf employee, but on the other will provide them ready teaching movies and a dictionary allowing better allocation of a new employee, teaching his/her obligations and helping to avoid problematic situations.
  • Educational institutions (including schools, vocational education centers, specialist training institutions) who will gain access to professionally prepared teaching and training materials allowing preparation of workforce (primarily, but not only the deaf people) to work in numerous professions of the HORECA sector.
  • Participating organisations, as primarily the exchange of knowledge and experiences will allow increasing qualifications and competences of people employed in these organisations.
  • Other organisations working in the field of employment or activation of deaf people or people with disabilities in generally, who will have access to high quality manuals, training courses and dictionary and will be able to use them in their future work for different projects and target groups.
  • General public who will increase the level of knowledge, understanding of deaf people and their culture. This will allow inclusion of deaf people and building a better European society of tomorrow.