About the project

Development of teaching materials for vocational education of deaf people in HORECA sector

Start: 01-09-2016
Duration: 36 months
The end: 31-08-2019

Project is a strategic partnership project implemented by partners from three countries: Poland, Hungary and Greece. The project objective is a translational cooperation in the field of improving the quality of vocational education of deaf people in the hotel-restaurant-catering (HORECA) industry. Thank to exchange of best practices between partners from three countries solutions supporting deaf people to prepare for starting employment in this industry will be developed.

The project will allow dissemination best practices in the field of vocational preparation of deaf people delivered by each partner and opportunity to develop new, efficient and flexible solutions which can be implemented internationally. This will allow presenting this issue to wide society – not locally, but internationally and this way initiate discussion about solutions which really are successful.