Project’s results

During the 36 months of project implementation, following results will be developed:

  1. The concept of training courses for deaf person in the workplace together with a thematic dictionary. Training concept will be dedicated to people who want to start working in various professions within the HORECA sector. Courses prepared in a form of movies and scenes recorded and translated into national sign languages of deaf people will also be of great use for people who are responsible for vocational education of persons starting their employment in this industry or participating in internships (trainer of a profession).
  2. The thematic dictionary will include basic expressions recorded in the sign language that are necessary for communication at work. The dictionary will focus on vocabulary used in works performed in HORECA sector. It will be prepared in Polish, Greece, Hungarian and English; words and expressions will be presented in written, spoken and sign languages of each project partner. The dictionary will be useful for deaf people, their managers and colleagues for maintaining proper communication at work.
  3. The manual for employers from HORECA sector who intend to hire a deaf person. The manual will include among all, characteristics of the deaf society, strong points of deaf employees, any potential problematic points, preparation of team members and advices for selecting places for employment of the dead people. Manual will also be very useful for teachers of vocational schools preparing to work in gastronomic industry, as it will allow better and more professional preparation of deaf students to work in HORECA industry.